* In Czech, cars must ride also by day with light on. This measure has been meant to raise the road safety. Attention: there becomes by the border already checked!

* Hospital / Doctor If you should go to the hospital or doctor must make sure that you have a European Health Insurance Card from your insurance with you. Without this pass you all the costs yourself first pay cash. Afterwards, these costs can then be submitted to your insurance.
Do you have the European Health Insurance Card, then all costs incurred sent directly to your insurance and you will have in case of hospitalization pay a small amount for "contribution day" (= approx Czk 100 per day).

* Travel insurance is obligated

* Passport / ID card
is obligated. Children from 15 year must have their own pass. There are no border controles anymore.

* from1 November till 31 March it is obligated to drive during the winterperiod with winter-tires. When the road is covered with snow or ice or if the temperature is below 4 ° C and there is a chance of snowfall or ice.
- Snow chains are only allowed if the snow or ice layers are covered. Sometimes use is mandatory! (Then there is a traffic sign indicating that.)

* Free WiFi
in Prague trams

You can as a traveler from Prague trams free use of WiFi. Besides the Internet are also LCD screens installed in the trams.

* The following maximal speed limit is in force: in the built up area 60 Km/h, outside the built up area on the highways 110 Km/h and on the other ways 90 Km/h.

* The Czech Republic has a normal temperated landklimat. In summer the mercury rises regulary till 22 - 26º. You also have more "sunny"days than in your country.
Strong winters with temperatures below sero are very normal. The weather and temperature recover very quick, so that you also can enjoy the sunbeams after a shower.

* Czech crown: the best is to buy the Czech crown in the Czech republic itself. Bring your cash or credit card.You can find cash dispensers near every bank.

* Since the 1st of january 1995 it is obligated to have a tollvignette for the registered highways. The sign "BEZ POPLATKU" (means exact! "free of charge") with a red lin trough, shows the start of a toll-way. The tollvignette costs about 310 - 1500 Czech crowns (depending on our length of stay) This vignette can be get at (just over) the border or at a big filling-station. To be obtained for: 10 days, one month, one year.
Prices per 1.1.2017 for a motorcar till 3.500 Kg

                      10 dagen                                         1 maand                                       1 jaar
             CZK 310 (circa ? € 12,50)                    CZK 440 (ca € 17,50)                     CZK 1.500 (ca € 60)
Application of the road vignette
The vignette consists of two parts. You must write your license plate on the larger, square part. Then you must confirm this self-adhesive square section on the inside of the windscreen in the lower right, the other part must be stored and displayed on request.
It is forbidden to paste more than one vignette (per country) on the window. Any old vignettes must be removed. You can still put vignettes from various countries on the window.

The vignette is for sale at Czech border crossings, Czech post offices and a number of large petrol stations. Often, however, the stock is limited and the vignettes can be sold out. Czech post offices are of course closed on weekends.

* Dog in Czech Republic
Each dog needs a dog passport with its corresponding chip. The dog must also be vaccinated against rabies. (note: in case of a new vaccination the dog is allowed 21 days after the vaccination over the border)
You should especially consider the signs that occur in areas with high grass and low vegetation.
We advise you to include a sign against a sign such as a drawing.

Dog to a restaurant
It's rarely a problem to bring your dog to restaurants etc. Only in the chic restaurants can it be a problem.

Unfortunately, you are REQUIRED to have a muzzle for your dog with you. Just in your bag or bag is often enough. When checking, you must be able to show the muzzle.

* Money
In the Czech Republic it is paid with the Czech crown (CZK).
The current state of this currency (currency, currency) can be found on our exchange rate page.

* Compulsory equipment of the vehicle include:
Dressing box, towing cable, danger triangle, spare wheel and in winter months snow chains and winter tires are required in the mountains.

* Mobile calling
The risk of an accident. It is therefore forbidden to hold a mobile phone while driving in their hand or in another way (eg between their heads and shoulder). The use of hands free sets is permitted

* The Bohemien kitchen is similar to the austrian kitchen. Besides, eat out is very cheap. The price level is in general a lot cheaper than in your own country.

* Super-petrol is described as SUPER
Normal-petrol is describes as SPECIAL
Petrol lead-free is described as NATURAL and Diesel as NAFTA.