A telephone, written or Internet reservation is binding for you and us. The date on which you indicate your wish to reservation charge date is called. The reservation comes about by received on an account of ours (50%) of the first part of the hiring sum.

We have been entitled for the reservation, revoke if first chargeable amount has not been paid within 5 workingdays after the charge date. The remainder of the travel sum must be at the latest 6 weeks for the day of commencement of the hiring period in our possession.

Always modify of the agreement it can prevent that you wish something modify after the reservation has been fixed. We indicate you that modifications are for any reason whatsoever possible and € 15, - amount to.

Annulment by the tenant
Annulments must be given up telephonically and afterwards by e-mail to be confirmed directly.
* at annulment up to 8 weeks by the commencement of the hiring period 50% of the hiring sum are charged.
* at annulment 8 weeks by the commencement of the hiring period the
entirely invoiced amount is chargeable.

Concluding a cancellation
Insurance advises we you. Annulment landlord if some circumstances oblige the landlord to annulment of the accommodation already booked, will be given directly of this knowledge to the tenant, if possible under offer of an alternative. At accepting this alternative the landlord the already pay amount at. The tenant only has right this progress amount.

Stay conditions
In arrival the holiday house can be moved into commonly in general after 15.00 hours. In most of the cases must be leave it by 10.00 hours.
Deviations must be communicated telephonically. The holiday object cannot be inhabited by more persons as in writing have agreed. If appears that nevertheless more occupants than have corresponded, does the owner have the right you refuse access, or € 25.00 by superfluous
person per day to charge. This according to the situation on the spot. Bringing with house animals has not been permitted without written authorization. This is nevertheless observed, then the owner has the right you the further refuse access to the holiday object. Linen such as sheets are included in the rent. For tea - and towels must the tenant himself care carry this in the description or the list of the holiday object to be always mentioned.
On the day of departure serve the object sweep clean leave behind, which the following imply: everything clean cleaned, refuse pockets in the container or on time with the  cleaning given, dustbin of a clean plastic foresee pocket, coverlets fold up to foot end, Frigidaire, and eliminated, all food products removed. The floor swept. Places of a caravan or tent in the garden of holiday houses has not been permitted.

Liability of the tenant
During your stay in your holiday accommodation are you as a tenant always and entirely responsible for the booked accommodation, the institution and all matter which belonging rented at. Damage causes by your mattering  and/or by your companion, entirely by you compensated for will have become, at once and to the landlord. The landlord has been in advance entitled the tenant always and still responsible if to state, caused damage has not been settled or properly c.q on the spot to pay the costs have not been satisfied (entirely) by tenant. All to this linked (collection)-costs come entirely at the expense of the tenant called on the charge note.

General liability
landlord is not responsible for extraordinary circumstances such as war, fire, nature - and atom calamities, water lack by dryness, bad ways. Complaints in spite of already our interventions and ensure it is nevertheless possible that you have a justified complaint. This complaint must telephonically communicate you always firstly at the landlord. Moreover you must require a written declaration, from which of the landlord appears that you have lodged the complaint on the
spot. Complaints which have not been communicated on the day of arrival, are not accepted directly and annul an alleged right to damages. In serious cases you must immediately, from your holiday destination, incorporate contact with landlord. Generally a reasonable, acceptable solution is possibly and preserves you your holiday pleasure.  If you leave the rented stay, without informing the key administrator or landlord, its all from that resulting dangers and damage the object at the expense of the tenant, rented to. If we are towards the tenant responsible for missing out of holiday pleasure, the compensation amounts to highly the paid rent in all cases. Only complaints which have been lodged within a week after the hiring period and made a note of at the landlord are treated.

Additional costs:
Final cleaning / bed linen € 100,00 to pay at arrivel to Alena Hradecka

* Use water and electricity
* Tourist tax
Bring your own towels!!

Upon booking we will charge you a deposit of € 150,00. This deposit will be refunded to the tenant after the final check by Alena Hradecka, on the tenant's bank account. Possibly reduced by items that justify us to hold money. (This may be disqualification or breakage of property of the house where tenant is guilty.)

By signature of the lease you go agreed with already our hiring condi