The holiday has traditionally been a time for active recreation, exploration and recuperation after working the year round. The Czech Republic provides endless opportunities for special activity holidays. With its beautiful, varied landscape, the country is a paradise for hikers, cyclists, water sports lovers and flying enthusiasts. There are dozens of new sports centers that enable visitors to try their hand at several sports, for example, tennis, squash, mini golf and a range of others. Golf courses are usually set in the charming environment of spas or woody surroundings. Holiday stays at country farms can be combined with horse riding trips or angling, or, location permitting., with climbing adventures in sandstone rocks. More adventurous lovers of adrenaline sports are likely to visit the nearest bungee-jumping venue. We would like to give all sports enthusiast visiting our country a genuine welcome and wish that their prove recuperating, their experiences fascinating and recollections pleasant
Dvůr Králové Zirec (ca 12 km)
In the woods, Betlém lies stand, here in the open air of the sculptures of Matthias Braun from sand stones rocks and stones in baroque style. Braun has made also single images on the karels bridge in Prag

A splendid landscape, of which the mountains invite you for an exciting walking tour. Beside the walking tours on the marked paths and the undertaking of mountains tours, there are also the possibilities of wild-water-canoeing, swimming, hang gliding, gliding and sport flying.

Mountain biking
The mountainbike-routes are written on wooden plates with a cycle on it. You can take your bike with you on your way up in the Cabine-lift in Janske Lazne.

Nine pointers for mountain biking
1. Only roads and marked paths may be used on the territory of the National Park.
2. Observe the rules for visitors of the KRNAP National Park.
3. Do not rouse game. For its sake do not practice mountain biking before sunrise and after sunset.
4. Cycling on the routes is at your own risk.
{VET5. On the forest roads you can come across trucks carting wood and/or other heavy machinery of the forest management. Be more careful.
Fatal accidents are warning!
6. Be respectful and give preference to hikers!
7. Set out for the mountain terrain only after a careful check of roadworthiness of your bike, in particular brakes. We recommend using headgear or other protective aids.
8. Do not underestimate the danger of mountains, beware of sudden changes in weather!
9. Information about routes, including temporarily barred tracks, can be obtained at the KRNAP Management Information Centre.

Although the Czech Republic lacks high mountains suitable for Alpine climbing or hiking, it can nevertheless offer its visitors a wealth of magnificent locations (sandstone, limestone and crystal minerals - granite, gneiss) abounding in rock walls and towers suitable for ascents of all categories of difficulty. The majority of rock formations suitable for climbing are located in protected landscape areas (nature reserves) and that is why they are only accessible for climbers registered in mountaineering organizations. Beginners must be accompanied by instructors. Climbing activity in these areas is subjected to strict restrictions stipulated by the Law on the Nature and Landscape Protection, whereas climbing on the territory of national parks and national nature reserves (this applies, for example, to the Krkonose Mountains and the Sumava) is prohibited completely. In the case of other kinds of protected areas - natural monuments, national natural monuments, nature reserves and protected landscape areas -respective bodies responsible for environmental protection are entitled to set the conditions governing this activity. In every region regulations governing mountaineering activities and reflecting the specific character of local minerals and the need to protect its fauna and flora, are adopted individually

The Most Popular Mountaineering Areas: (all protected landscape areas)
Labske piskovce (Elbe Sandstones): Tiske Walls, Ostrov, Rajec, Labske Valley, Hrensko, Jetrichovice. Cesky raj (Bohemian Paradise): Prachovske Rocks, Drabske svetnicky, Hruboskalsko, Suche Rocks, Klokocske and Betlemske Rocks. Teplicko-adrspasske skaly (Teplicko-adrspasske Rocks): Teplicke Rocks, Adrspach, Krizovy Hill. Moravsky kras (Moravian Karst): Macocha and Klenba Chasms, Kun Massif, Beran, Rorejsy. Cesky kras (Bohemian Karst): Karlstejn, Srbsko, Sv. Jan pod Skalou. Krivoklatsko (Krivoklat Area): Vrani Rock, Dehticka Rock, rocks near Chlum (near Zbiroh). Slavkovsky les (Slavkov Forest): Svatosske Rocks (the valley of the River Ohre

In the little town Pecka (about 4 km from Stupná) is an open-air(swimming)pool.
On the south edge of the little town Vrchlabi is an open-air (swimming) pool with a sandy beach and little slide.
Also near Cerny Dul (at the camping) is a little open-air(swimming)pool with a sun terrace and kiosk.

Do you like to go for a swim,during your holliday, in the real open-air(swimming) pool "Dolce" near Trutnov? This open-air(swimming)pool is an advantage.
The water is clean (a lot of fishes are swimming in the deep part of the water, from which you can conclude that the water is clean) and for the children is a special marked out undeep part where they can enjoy themselves.
On all sides of the lake is a small piece of beach with grasfields all over.
You can get to the open-air(swimming) pool by driving direction Trutnov and near Trutnov you keep following the traffic signs - Jicin. After 3 Km you turn left; from now on you can see that "Dolce" is written on the signs.
Follow the road till the parking place. From this place you have to walk 1 km to the lake.

Air & Sky sports
When exploring the diverse beauties of the Czech and Moravian countryside you need not be restricted to the earth; you can enjoy seeing them from above, specifically from on board a tourist aircraft or a balloon basket. Taking a bird eye’s view of mountain massifs, lowlands, expanses of water and green forest belts dotted with a network of picturesque villages and towns graced with centuries-old castles and chateaux can be the most beautiful way of inspecting them.

Observation Flights
Nearly one hundred small and sports airports throughout this country operate observation flights along routes chosen by the clients themselves. If you are a holder of a pilot’s license and are able to pilot a small motor aircraft or, as the case may be, an ultra light aircraft, you can combine discovering the most beautiful places in this part of Central Europe with your hobby. The airports in the Czech Republic will provide - on the basis of a previous standard arrangement - a good base for you, whether you arrive on board you own plane or hire a plane on the spot. The Czech Republic belongs to countries with a long tradition of the aviate sports
Ultra light categories of Aircraft
The Amateur Aviate Association of the Czech Republic groups several thousand pilots and owners of ultra light planes. Operating within the framework of the association’s activities, schools of ultra light flying and professional companies hiring out ultra light planes are prepared to offer you their services. You can encounter them, for example, at the airports in Benesov, Hradec Kralove and numerous other places. Professional centers run good-quality, out-of-line technical facilities that can offer space for your aircraft in their hangars or arrange accommodation and other services. The Czech Republic also serves as a venue for popular meetings of ultra light aircraft, often combined with sports disciplines and always with friendly gatherings in a pleasant aviate environment.

Gliding and Motorized Gliding
One of the leading organizers of sports flying in Europe, the Aero club of the Czech Republic associates several thousand pilots of gliders and motorized gliders and runs its own flying schools. There are also professional firms operating in cooperation with the Aero club. They are prepared to rent a plane to you or offer you basic training in flying as well as courses in acrobatic or non-engine flying. The majority of sports airports operate observation flights and offer out-of-line facilities for flying enthusiasts and space in hangars for their planes. The important centers of motorized and non-motorized flying include the airport in Moravska Trebova, at which the Aviate Sports Center of the Aero club of the Czech Republic operates, and airports in Vrchlabi, Benesov and Brno.

Balloon Flying
Aviate clubs as well as private operators offer unforgettable experiences to those opting for a hot-air balloon observation flight. The most frequent routes lead above Prague or above the renowned Karlstejn and Krivoklat Castles or the Konopiste Chateau. Moreover, clients can arrange a flight above other places abounding in scenic beauties and historical monuments.

Sky-diving is one of the aviate sports which are organized by the Aero club of the Czech Republic. Like the pilots of aircraft, sky-diving enthusiasts too have their own aviate schools and centers in the Czech Republic. They provide professional out-of-line facilities as well as highly experienced instructors, some of whom are world sky-diving champions. They offer sports sky-diving schemes for holders of licences and the possibility of tandem descents, including free-fall flights for visitors without any previous sky-diving experience. Sky-diving centers can be found, for example, at the airports in Pribram and Kunovice near Uherske Hradiste.

Paragliding and Hang-gliding
The pilots of gliders and hang-gliders, grouped in the Amateur Aviate Association of the Czech Republic, have their take-off points and centres in Czech mountains, for example, in the Krkonose Mountains or the Beskydy, as well as on Rana Hill near Louny or Kozakov Hill. All of these places boast a tradition of gliding that spans many years. There are schools of paragliding at selected take-off points whose experienced instructors will be glad to teach you the art of paragliding or take you for a flight on a tandem paraglide. Although paragliding and hang-gliding belong to “the adrenaline sports”, the Czech centers guarantee safe operation

Horse back riding
The Giant mountains to be seen from the back of a horse is a real experience. The good built paths and extensive routes invite you to once undertake this. In Vlachabi 15 km from Stupná Knezicka Chalupa has good facilities.
Knezicka Chalupa gives lessons to children, teenagers and parents. Also the horses are lent out for day-trips. Children can also rite on a pony or donkey.
You can find Knezicka Cahlupa Knezicka Chalupa in Vrlachabi by following the road direction Spindleruv Mlyn and than left to Benecko. From there on the riding-school is good to read on the traffic-signs.

Many foreign tourists are attracted to the Czech Republic by the fishing opportunities on offer there. There are two angling organizations - the Czech Angling Union and the Moravian Angling Union. Angling permits are issued by organizations entrusted with the administration of respective expanses of water upon presentation of a passport and a state angling licence. An angling permit can be valid for a specific angling ground, region or the entire area under the administration of the respective angling union. Angling Permits can be purchased for one, two, seven or fourteen days, one month, six months or one year, with prices ranging from CZK 200 to 8000. The state angling license - valid for one to two days, a period shorter than one year, one year and for young people under 15 years of age - can be purchased from district, town or local counsels, with prices raging from CZK 15 to 50
Fishing opportunities in both dead and running water are into a great extent limited. Fishing areas, which are mostly fish-farms, are kept either by the KRNAP Administration itself (Labska prehrada dam) or by Czech fishermen association. Details are available in the KRNAP Administration Information Centres or local centres of the Czech fishermen association.

You can peddle down the Jizera river from Na Myte to Horni Sytova (20.9 km), and enjoy beautiful scenery along the river.
Canoe trip on the Jizera river, adventure for all ages! This summer we organise canoe trips on the gently flowing Jizera river. There are trips in the morning and in the afternoon. The trip from Dolánky to Malá Skála is 9 km long and it takes about 2.5 hours of easy paddling. The scenery is amazing. After finishing the trip you can enjoy the ride back to Malá Skála in a nostalgic train. The 10 minutes lasting train ride is an attraction in itself! To book in advance is not necessary but highly advisable. Just step into your car and drive to Malá Skála. Guarded parking is available just across the street at the starting point. You can of course also get there by public transportation. We have limited number of places per trip. Way of payment is in cash. We advise you to bring some dry clothes and a towel. Price is inclusive: instructor, two seated polyester canoe, lifejacket, paddles, watertight barrel (70 litre), water shoes and the train ticket.
price per person :
adults : 375 Kč (€ 12,50)
children (< 14 years) : 275 Kč (€ 9,50)
group prices, programs and weekend trips on request!

local tourist information offices and camp sites phone (+420) 731 871 596

A well known spa in the region is Janske Lazne. De natural healing springs contain mineral water at 29.6 °C

Air tour
Air tours over the Giant Mountains from airport Vrchlabi 0438/22992 between 09 and 11 AM
with a Cessna 3 person or a 11 person biplane.

in Dvur Kralove  lays the largest zoo and safaripark of middle-Europe.


The ZOO Dvúr Krâlové nad Labem was founded in 1946, today it has the largest animal collection in the Czech Republic: around 2700 animals in 380 species and subspecies on 64 ha. You will see here:
- the largest collection of African animals in Europe: rhinos, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, buffalloes and other species
- modern carnivore expositions: cheetahs, hyaenas, tigers, leopards and other carnivores
- the largest ape collection in the Czech Republic and other primates: orangutans, chimpanzees, colobus, lemurs, marmosets
- the unique „World of Birds“ with tropical vegetation and free flying birds on approx. 1000 m2
- the largest crocodile exposition in the Czech Republic
- a system of large fresh water aquaria called the „Tropical River“
- attractive expositions of coral reefs
- the „Moonlight World“ with a number of interesting animals with nocturnal activity
- the only permanent galery of paintings by Zdenêk Burian „Evolution of Life on the Earth“
- two playgrounds and a Childrens´ ZOO with contact animals, pony riding

- SAFARI in Summer - a Safaribus-ride among free living hoofed animals and birds on 27 ha
- evening Safaribus-rides during the holiday time, starting at 7,30 p.m. (1.7. - 31.8.)
- „Christmas ZOO“ from 1st December until 31st January - the ZOO is decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights and open daily until 7 p.m. (24. and 31. 12. only until 3 p. m.)
There is a large parking straight at the entrance to the ZOO, WC free, two giftshops „Serengeti“ and „Gallery“, restaurant „At the Lemur´s“.

Opening Hours:
CHRISTMAS SEASON (January, December) 9 - 19 hrs
WINTER SEASON (February, March, April, October, November) 9 - 16 hrs
SUMMER SEASON (May, June, July, August, September) 9 - 18 hrs
The Safari is open from 8. - 15. May until 30. September (dependant on the weather). The Safaribus-ride is included in the entrance fee.